30 day photography challange #7 – Fruit

#7 -Fruit

apple 009

The next photo was an experiment.  I wanted to tie-dye an apple with food coloring.  It didn’t work out quite like I planned:

apple 005


An Amazing April

This last April has been so cool/busy/fun!   My grandmother (Geemom) got married!  We are so happy for you two!  It was fun.

Geemom and Ben Marguerite and Morgan

Abigail won Platinum in her big ballet competition!

Platinum Abigail

I did a mud run with some of my siblings and some family friends.


And I had a booth at Main Street Arts Festival!  It was amazing!!!!! I got there on Saturday at 8:00am and ran my booth, selling and talking to a lot of people and we stayed all day then saw the wailers at 9:00pm,  then I was there all day Sunday too. It was really successful.  So on Saturday we got there and set up, we had to run to a couple stores during that and we were ready to sell by 10:00am. It was so tiring but totally worth it.  This is what my life will be like. I heard my calling, I’m so excited!  Here’s what the booth looked like:

botthe booth

We saw the Wailers!!


I plan to post some of my work, but I’ve been lazy about blogging lately, I’ll try though.

Anyway, April was awesome!   But I am ready for things to slow down now.




Dr.Who|Toms|Fabric markers

I know I said I would post the photography stuffs but it just hasn’t happened yet…But we I got a fabric marker and refurbished my old Toms, a T-shirt and my brother made a T-shirt too,which has Yoda saying “Blue box weeping angel has” Mine just says the angels have the phonebox” .