30 day photography challenge – #4 Something green

#4 – Something Green



An Amazing April

This last April has been so cool/busy/fun!   My grandmother (Geemom) got married!  We are so happy for you two!  It was fun.

Geemom and Ben Marguerite and Morgan

Abigail won Platinum in her big ballet competition!

Platinum Abigail

I did a mud run with some of my siblings and some family friends.


And I had a booth at Main Street Arts Festival!  It was amazing!!!!! I got there on Saturday at 8:00am and ran my booth, selling and talking to a lot of people and we stayed all day then saw the wailers at 9:00pm,  then I was there all day Sunday too. It was really successful.  So on Saturday we got there and set up, we had to run to a couple stores during that and we were ready to sell by 10:00am. It was so tiring but totally worth it.  This is what my life will be like. I heard my calling, I’m so excited!  Here’s what the booth looked like:

botthe booth

We saw the Wailers!!


I plan to post some of my work, but I’ve been lazy about blogging lately, I’ll try though.

Anyway, April was awesome!   But I am ready for things to slow down now.




Life of an artist

13 Words That Describe The Life Of An Artist

  • Visions in the beginning
  • Joy of doing it
  • Pressure from others
  • Love of life
  • Passion in what you do
  • Misunderstanding the masterpiece
  • Color of everything
  • No-color in a season
  • Stories in a moment
  • Inspiration all the time
  • Nothing turns to
  • Everything in the blink of an eye
  • Judging from critics
  • Need to create
  • Beauty in the end

Hands of an artist

Sometimes the hands of an artist are twisted and torn,


Bruised and scraped, dirty or splattered with paint,Graphite

But they are the hands that create a reality, a moment or capture nothing at all in a beautiful way

scraped hand

So I thank God for my broken hands because I am created in the image of God and I am after His own heart. sadie march 27 543

I dream art, I think art, I do art, there is nothing I can do to not do art, I want art, I am art.

sadie march 27 550

“The passion in me to create is the most intimate way for me to know God.” -Jake Wiedmann

Every single person you see out on the street is one of God’s favorite masterpieces, he likes you. He loves you but have you ever thought about how he likes you? Of course a parent has to love a child because he /she is the child’s parent, but they don’t have to “like” you. God likes to be with you, he likes to look at you. He created you out of love.

Even everyone that s called by My name: for I have created him for My glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him. Isaiah 43:7KJV

Just look at the rest of the world too, trees in the fall, they turn colors.  Flowers bloom into amazing beautiful things. Then there is the things we don’t see that are beautiful too. For example,  no scientist, anatomist or anyone has any idea of what makes us laugh or cry.

God’s evidence is everywhere.