Sherlock fandom

So I just recently watched all the Sherlock episodes.  ALL of them. ALL SIX OF THEM. WHY IS SEASON THREE NOT OUT YET!?!?!? Anyway… I got really into the fandom. It’s really amazing!

And also all the other fandoms… like Wholock and Smauglock etc.

(See the TARDIS up there near the right top corner?)

Yup!…just yup!

BBC has a thing for making you become obsessed with the strangest things,

The death of the villain no one wanted to die…

Slightly lazy cops who risk getting fired on every major case:

Guys with umbrellas…

Mycroft being all Mycroft like with his umbrella in a warehouse. Probably wearing his umbrella tie too.

…wallpaper…this fandom is so bored that we obsess over WALLPAPER!

Sherlock's wallpaper with the face :D

Sherlock Wallpaper Dress

Sherlock Wallpaper - oh this is FANTASTIC.

Hedgehogs and otters…



Mark Gatiss, killing off characters from chilhood…:(

Mark Gatiss. killing his characters from birth.

Yeah… I’m completely obsessed. I have  2 theories of how Sherlock survived!

Finally… watch this video.  Living with a sherlockian… pure genius!


Thanks for putting up with until the end of this post!



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