An Amazing April

This last April has been so cool/busy/fun!   My grandmother (Geemom) got married!  We are so happy for you two!  It was fun.

Geemom and Ben Marguerite and Morgan

Abigail won Platinum in her big ballet competition!

Platinum Abigail

I did a mud run with some of my siblings and some family friends.


And I had a booth at Main Street Arts Festival!  It was amazing!!!!! I got there on Saturday at 8:00am and ran my booth, selling and talking to a lot of people and we stayed all day then saw the wailers at 9:00pm,  then I was there all day Sunday too. It was really successful.  So on Saturday we got there and set up, we had to run to a couple stores during that and we were ready to sell by 10:00am. It was so tiring but totally worth it.  This is what my life will be like. I heard my calling, I’m so excited!  Here’s what the booth looked like:

botthe booth

We saw the Wailers!!


I plan to post some of my work, but I’ve been lazy about blogging lately, I’ll try though.

Anyway, April was awesome!   But I am ready for things to slow down now.





3 thoughts on “An Amazing April

  1. Hi Sadie,
    I haven’t had the chance to tell you how proud Grandad and I are of you and excited for you, too. I know your talents are so exceptional and that you will go far with your art. I am so glad you included the pictures of your booth since we weren’t able to come and support you that weekend. Hopefully, next time you exhibit we will be there.

    We love you,
    Mema and Grandad

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