I turned thirteen in February, and I had a Doctor Who party.    It. was. awesome. Some friends offered us a TARDIS door and other decorations. 



Fishfingers + custard, Chips, Adipose marshmallows, Bowtie pasta and caramel apples are all actually really surprisingly good together!

sadiesbday 041

Daisy with a fez


Notice Malissa’s bowtie?

Group picture

Sliding on the rails at the foodtruck park.


                                                       Yeah, we people know how to party…

So first, everyone got to my house and we had YouTube BBC Doctor Who clips playing on the TV. Everyone painted Tshirts, Dr.Who themed, then dinner during “The Eleventh Hour” episode. Then we played games and hung out. Then headed to the foodtruck park for cupcakes and played things like Truth or Dare, 2 Truths and a lie. We sang to Fireflies, Rumor has it.  It was just so much fun. Thanks everyone!

P.S. To all my non-whovian friends, yes I know,  I am a geek. :p


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