Yeah… so I’ve been lazy about posting…  I guess there is just not that much to say…

Marguerite, Elijah & Daisy Jo made kites out of trash bags and string, they were really cute,  Daisy was a nut about hers hitting our roof.

We got our first pumpkin for pumpkin pie.

It’s not chilly anymore, I don’t know why I thought it would stay that way!

I’m learning The Scientist by Coldplay on guitar.

School is going slow but steady.

We built & painted a swing set up in the back yard.

I’ll be testing for a gold belt in Tae Kwan Do on Saturday (I’m really excited/nervous)

We’ve started our fall semester of T.A.F.A. (Travis Academy of Fine Arts)

I did calligraphy today.

I read The Epic of Gilgamesh & The Silver Crown & I’m currently reading Blaggards Moon.

I am watching Doctor Who – Blink tonight. (I’ve seen it before, it’s my favorite so far)

I’m almost on the fifth season of doctor who.

Mom’s birthday is on the 29th.

I just went through my closet & my dresser and got rid of a ton of stuff I didn’t want.

Okay, maybe there is been more than I thought there was when I began this post 5 minutes ago!


Life is good, bowties are cool & I think we’re having bacon at dinner.


P.S. Have a good Timey-Whimey to anyone Who caught my reference! :p





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