Daisy Jo

This is Daisy Jo.  My four year old sister.  She’ll be 5 in November. She’s probably the nutty-est of all of us! When she was 2 she would climb up on the sofa and belly flop onto our hard-wood floor, I’m not kidding, she’s nuts! She is also one of the funniest of us.  She doesn’t think before she speaks so sometime totally random things come out, and it’s hilarious! For example,  at my art show, she stayed up really late and had a ton of fun with her friend Lilly, when she got in the car to go home she said, “I think I’m going to cry *sniff* I was having so much fun, I stayed up way past my bedtime and I feel fine!”. We all died laughing. Another time she saw Twiggy on the Muppet Show and she was really liking her, all of the sudden she stands up, flings her arms out, sighs and whispers, ”I think I’m going to fly!”.  She is dramatic so she’s always fun. I’ll post more pictures below. (She is also the easiest to get a picture of!)


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