Meet my family

We are a home-schooled family.  (And a lot of us are even ahead because of it!)  I like home-schooling because you can go at your own pace in a way and ask more questions if you need to and then still go even more ahead in the lesson or chapter or what ever it is.   School is very important to me,  I like it a lot too.  I am supposed to be in 7th grade but I am like 10th in some things and 6 in others. We are also a very healthy family because of our diet.  My Dad picks up raw milk from a farm in Gainesville on his way home from work every Tuesday night so it’s straight from the cow.  We have a grinder to grind our own wheat berries,  and yes it is a berry!  We order the berries by about 50 pounds at a time and then grind it in our grinder because after flour is ground and has been sitting on the shelf for a couple days it loses 75% or so of it’s nutrition. Our meat comes straight from a farm that cuts it and everything but it’s so much fresher than store-bought meat!  We bake our own bread and just about every meal.  We have an ice-cream maker now and with the raw milk it’s so awesome!!!  Our family is different but I’m glad we are because otherwise it would be boring.  We are Christian have church every Sunday morning   and I take a Conformation Class at night for ages 12 to 17 and then home-church every Wednesday night.  Home church is basically a church meeting at people’s homes, we alternate homes between 4 of us but there are twenty or so families.  I love it.

Life is good. God is good. Bacon is good.



3 thoughts on “Meet my family

  1. I love you, I love bacon, and I love the pictures you took – cool angle!

    You are very creative Sweet Sadie and I look forward to your next creation!

    Chat w/you soon!


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